How do you weigh happiness?

Happiness, quite relative term right? The idea of visiting a bookstore will seem electrifying to me ,but maybe the idea of visiting a pilgrimage will excite my father. One word resulting in one grin, or a laugh, or a twinkle, surely has much potential to do wonders in our lives!

So, the thing which is to be stressed upon is that we might not actually observe which things we classify as “Happiness causing things” and “Unhappiness causing things“. Unknowingly, all of us have been following a pattern in our lives to stay away from few circumstances, because , inherently , we know , what their consequences might be , resulting into extreme unhappiness in our lives. What happens then , is that, your personality tends to be protective, conservative and lifeless.

Let us emphasize upon the few points that prevent us from adding colour to our life:

1. Fear of Loneliness:   Also known as monophobia, the fear of loneliness is observed in most of the people at any and every stage of life. Loneliness is often associated with melancholy. The idea of having a companion beside you will seem far more exciting to you than desolation, won’t it? In fact, solitude encourages liberation and individuality, but we repetitively mistaken it as something that leads to helplessness, despair. Person who enjoys solitude has the utmost right to experience strength, felicity and to live a life deprived of dependency. A profound thought should strike each one’s mind : The strongest person is the one who stands alone. The laugh will be louder and you will shine brighter if you enjoy your company!!

2. Fear of taking risks: Taking risks might be quite a tougher job when it comes to sacrificing happiness for the same. When you welcome risk into your life , you have to invariably welcome a sense of fear! And you might not feel so joyous to welcome both. Then why should you welcome them voluntarily and what it has to do with happiness? Does your newer version astound you to some extent? Doesn’t it unfold your personality in ways you never imagined? Doesn’t it unravel a mystery that was within you, but you were unaware of it ? This is what we call as the NEW VERSION!!And this new version is discovered when you have got the guts to take risks. You may fail miserably while trying to create this new version , but it boosts confidence, it elevates your attitude and you get to know yourself way better than you would have known yourself being in comfort zone!! Don’t you feel, happiness will surely knock your door then?

3. Fear of facing reality: Does reality scare you? Well, it won’t, if you try acceptance! You surely have the power to alter a few things in life, but acceptance of the fact that there are few things which couldn’t be changed by you will make life more comfortable, happier and satisfied. What we usually come across in our society is that, we know what the pain is , but we hardly take a flyer to experience it. As John Green has rightly quoted in his novel “THE FAULT IN OUR STARS” ,that “PAIN DEMANDS TO BE FELT”, we must experience the pain thoroughly until it completely vanishes out of our lives! It gives you greater sense of happiness, fulfillment and jollity!! Treat it like a guest, welcome it with utmost respect and then wave it a good bye with same respect. Reality won’t scare you then, it will beautify your soul with the happiness that comes along with it!!

All of the points described above signify how we all have been running away from them just because we think, life may not be filled with grandiosity if we try to greet these things with a smile. It comes down to one simple thing at the end: We are living a life , and it holds things you desire and ones you don’t desire. The quality of life solely depends on how you work hard for what you desire and how you handle the aftereffects when you have been given what you don’t desire.


                   Life is made up of DAYS, good days and bad days,days which force you to work despite your will and days which are meant to be empty, aimless. We get things , we lose things , we again get them. And this process continues throughout the life! Happiness is a variable in the expression of life , and so is sadness. The terms in the equation are put together by the operator called moment. And the answer to this expression is YOU. Depending upon the values of the variables and how much you let them affect you, you keep changing. And changes are required, otherwise mankind will become stagnant.

        Life offers you enough things of your choice, in fact it allows you to make a choice at every moment. If you put together all your choices that you ever made in life, you will realize that in some way or the other, you were responsible for everything that directly or indirectly happened to you. You would be able to take the responsibility of your own self. If you ask for 100 things to God and God fails to deliver only one out of the 100 things to you, it will be your natural tendency to focus on the thing that he denied to give you. It eventually results into the denial of all the 99 things that you possess. Rather than valuing those things, you keep complaining. You make that void in your life noticeable intentionally. Just like in programming, if you write the return type of any function as void, it returns nothing, in a similar way, if we keep focusing on the void in our life, it absolutely has nothing to return! It only results in the waste of time and energy. Then what should we do with the void? Is there some way through which we can shift our focus on the positive things in life? Indeed , there is! Why not to fill that void with gratitude! I feel that, life is all about being grateful  for all the little things you have. A person who feels grateful is hardly sad, if you observe! And the person who is continuously complaining is hardly happy, if you observe!

                 Coming to the reality of life, it is full of struggle. Every moment of life demands a stronger, braver YOU, because it is unpredictable. It is the irony of life , that though it is unpredictable, it expects you to be predictable! And this is where we go wrong in life, we allow the situations to mould us every now and then, and become largely unpredictable. The correct way to deal with the situation is to mould it, taking into account what you have and where you are. This drastically reduces the unpredictability of life and you eventually prove yourself harder than life. To mould the situation, you need to ignore a few things, you might have to take most undesirable steps in life, you might have to hear out more from your brain than your heart and vice versa, but it’s worth it in the end! If we learn to embrace the struggle, no situation in life will feel like a struggle. Calling a journey as struggle just determines your unwillingness to move forward on the path which you chose for yourself. Let’s see life as an adventure. It will sound more interesting and happening and will become seamlessly enjoyable. As Sadguru says, the most insecure thing in life is Life itself, let us embrace the insecurity of life and feel and value every moment that life presents to us!!

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